“After my husband had such a wonderful experience working with Bashert Diamonds to find my engagement ring we couldn't wait to work with Kyla & Ron again to find our wedding bands, my "push" present and our daughter's first pair of diamond earrings.  Kyla and Ron have always treated us like family and we wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.  The quality and service at Bashert Diamonds is second to none.”

~ Lynn H.

“We were introduced to Bashert Diamonds three years ago and have been very happy ever since. Ron and Kyla are very trustworthy and offer only the top quality in product and service. They demonstrate genuine care and concern for not only what the customer wants but also takes great pride in the work they do. The one-on-one, consistent relationship is reliable and comforting. We know exactly what we are getting and have the confidence Bashert will work with us until it is exactly how we want it. We have recommended them to many friends and they have been just as satisfied as well. Bashert Diamonds is the way to go for custom jewelry. “

~Kelli P.

“Simply stated, my experience with Bashert Diamonds was exceptional!  As a diamond novice, I received a thorough education from Kyla and Ron.  They guided me through the engagement ring and wedding band purchase, conscious of my style and budget.  They even battled a snow storm to drive out to my house and address sizing concerns my fiancé had before the wedding.  My friends have since used Bashert and have expressed the same sentiment.  In terms of cost, guidance, and product, they deliver."  

~Luke L.

“When venturing out to find the perfect ring for my fiancé, I felt frustrated and confused by all the information I got from different vendors throughout Chicago. To make matters worse, every friend of mine had “their” guy that they got a great deal with. After a long search I was referenced to Bashert Diamonds, what a blessing it was. I simply told them what I was looking for & how much I wanted to spend. The education they gave me and value of diamond I ended up with far exceeded all expectations.

Although I found the Diamond, I now had to pick a setting. I received a call from Kyla and it felt like I was talking to a friend. I was under a time crunch to get the ring prior to heading with my fiancé to her hometown, so I had given up on finding the perfect setting.

However, where I had given up and approved a simple solitaire setting Kyla had not. She called me while I was running late to catch a flight, emailed me a picture and yes she had found the perfect setting. My timeline had not changed and Kyla assured me she could get me the finished ring in time. Of course they delivered.

The final ring Kyla was able to help me design made my fiancé extremely happy, she receives compliments all the time about the beauty of the ring. Bashert Diamonds is now and always will be the only place I go to for any type of jewelry. The level of service and quality of products is far superior to all competitors.”

~James G.

“I could not have been more satisfied with my diamond buying experience. A process that can make some feel apprehensive was comfortable and trusting. Kyla and her team will very quick to respond to any and all of my requests. They found a diamond to my exact desired specifications and exceeded my expectations with service. My wife could not be happier with the results.”

~Justin F.

“I highly recommend Bashert Diamonds to anyone looking to make a jewerly purchase. I worked with Kyla Fajerstein when I purchased an engagement ring for my wife.  Kyla was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful during the process and worked with me to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for.

Kyla was able to find the right stone for me and offer it for a price far better than anywhere else I checked. She also was able to find the exact setting that I wanted and again offer it for a better price than elsewhere.

Overall, Bashert Diamonds and Kyla Fajerstein made the whole experience enjoyable and easy.  I look forward to working with them again.”

~Dane L.

“Scott and I can't thank you enough for all your help finding me the most beautiful diamond engagement ring.  It's absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I wanted, classic elegance!  You and Ron are such wonderful, professional individuals and you made us feel like family (especially during what normally would be a stressful experience).

It's been our pleasure referring our friends and family to you for their diamond and jewelry needs!  You've exceeded the expectation of not only us, but all those we've referred to you!

I look forward to more diamonds and jewelry in the future!  “

~Julie L.